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Jonathan Mangum 7

Jonathan Mangum 7 2019

imdb 7.4 16

Seating Order: Wayne('Improv VIP'), Jonathan('Whose Line MVP'), Colin('Comedy TNT'), and Ryan('LOL, MVP'). Hollywood Director: In a scene from 'Star Wars,' Ryan is an heroic Jedi knight teaching his young apprentice, Jonathan, some light saber skills when Wayne appears as various other characters. Director Colin changes to the following styles: as frat boys, and as really sexy with inappropriate touching. Sound Effects: Ryan and Colin are two cops patrolling a casino which is suddenly raided by a gang of Russian criminals. Audience member Karen does the sounds for Colin and audience member Gracie does them for Ryan. Moving People: Colin--moved by audience member Rhianna--and Wayne--moved by audience member Josh--have to deal with a global shortage of Italian food. Scenes From A Hat: How to make your roommate move out; bad things to say or do in a crowded place; unlikely things to happen in the shower; and jingles from embarrassing medical commercials. Greatest Hits: Ryan and Colin sell the compilation album 'Songs of the Astronaut.' Wayne and Jonathan sing: 'Too Close in a Capsule' in folk style as Folk Duo 'Splash Down' in punk style. Winner: All four Credit Reading: All four as insects getting caught in a Venus flytrap, the camera.

Genres: Comedy, Game-Show
Starts: Wayne Brady, Aisha Tyler, Laura Hall, Ryan Stiles, Jonathan Mangum, Colin Mochrie, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Aisha Tyler
Director: Geraldine Dowd

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